How does the City of Duluth Define Public Art?

Public art is visual media using the physical spaces within The City of Duluth as a giant gallery. We also treat the performing arts as equally important to our city’s culture and creativity; therefore, any opportunity for expressing art in the public realm qualifies.

What is the City of Duluth Public Art Master Plan?

It’s a guiding document for Duluth’s rich visual and performing arts heritage and how this heritage can enhance the public realm. Our plan will become a unified vision that provides a clear direction for the City of Duluth in the implementation of priority public art projects.

Why does Duluth need a Public Art Master Plan?

The Duluth Public Art Master Plan knits our diverse community together by defining and implementing our expression—our signature—to the world. Specifically, our plan will bring forth three main outcomes:

1. Pride

Duluth’s people are creative, spirited, and ingenious. Our plan will set the standard for how we implement and enjoy visual and performing arts; it also celebrates our community’s artistic vitality. 

2. Legacy

Duluth has a culture all its own. Public art helps us celebrate our heritage, communicates our direction, and characterizes our sense of place.

3. Prosperity

Thoughtfully implemented public art will define “Duluth” to ourselves and project our special qualities and competitive advantages to visitors and investors. Our Public Art Master Plan doubles as an important economic development tool.

How can I get involved?

Anyone who lives or invests in The City of Duluth is encouraged to be involved every step of the way. Check out the Events page to see how you can get involved or feel free to contact us anytime at duluthgapublicart@gmail.com

Here's how to contribute:

You can contribute to the Duluth Public Art Master Plan by photographing your favorite places in Duluth and sharing the images with us along with a description of what makes that place "so Duluth."

Post these images to Instagram and share it with us by hash-tagging the image with #soduluth and #duluthart.

Don't have Instagram? Simply upload your photos, renderings, sketches, essays, short stories, ideas, tall tales, and one-liners at the Upload link below.